All of our arm slings feature an extra deep pocket and include a functional thumb loop. 

We offer adult and children's sizes in the following designs, 

A) THE BASIC ARM SLING - suitable for immobilising the arm

NEW - we have added a mobile phone pocket to our basic sling for your convenience VIEW

B) THE BASIC ARM SLING WITH A DIAGONAL STRAP - holds the arm close to the body and prevents shoulder movement also providing lift at the elbow. Ideal for a broken collarbone by also preventing rotation at the fracture site. Suitable for some dislocations.

THE BASIC ARM SLING WITH A WAIST-STRAP also holds the arm close to the body and is more suitable when the arm must be held close to the body.

ARM SLING WITH  NECK PAIN PREVENTION SLEEVE - the sleeve is an essential addition to any of our slings, especially when the arm must be held in a heavy cast i.e. broken arm, wrist etc and also where the neck is arthritic or wired and for those on blood-thinning drugs i.e. Warfarin, when any weight on the neck can pose risk.

A waist strap or diagonally fitting strap can be added

MORE ABOUT THE NECK PAIN PREVENTION SLEEVE attaches to the opposite arm and is designed to hold the neck strap away from the side of the neck. This simple attachment prevents pressure being placed on the five Brachial nerves that run down either side of the neck and eliminates any risk of nerve damage and muscle spasm caused by the weight of the arm in the sling.