'EquiBelt' MAXIMUM Lower Back Support Styled for Riders by 4DflexiSPORT®

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Styled for the rider, broad fitting lower back lumbar support belt with green running man motif on side hip-pulls. Unisex. 

✔ International Sports Council compliant. Plastic stays - not metal - makes this belt suitable for use during competitions. 

✔ Developed in association with The Harley Street Spine Clinic London. Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Class 1 Medical Device. CE compliant

  • Providing safe structured lower back support

  • Delivering improved posture for better core muscle recruitment and a stronger seat

  • Avoiding unwanted twisting in the lumbar area

  • Powerful hip pulls - with woven green runner/rider design - stabilising hips,  improving spine and shoulder strength, providing a central seat, better balance in the saddle, lighter hand to horse contact and a happier horse/rider partnership

  • Reducing incidence of back problems for the rider and may also help reduce back problems in your horse

  • Does not interfere with skin nerve flow when worn next to skin

  • Warms without sweatiness

    Improves muscle memory to help ‘break bad posture habit’. Wearing your belt for as little as 30 minutes each day encourages the brain to accept new posture. This varies according to age, gender and fitness and how long ‘new form’ can be retained varies from person to person.


      • During riding, bending, twisting, lifting and where there's a history of lower back pain
      • Ideal for mucking out and lifting the lorry ramp
      • Periods of inactivity after rigorous exercise i.e. a riding event
      • For controlled feel safe support during rehabilitation
      • To improve riding posture


      • During periods of acute pain - to ease muscles spasm and relieve pain
      • Arthritis in the lower spine, herniated disc, sciatica and lumbar pain
      • May help prevent the onset of sciatica and known to alleviate sciatic nerve pain

        Pain can be acute, sudden strong onset OR chronic, intermittent over a long period of time - wearing the belt can help you get through those painful periods.

        • The more back pain you have the more frequently you will want to use support
        • Use your belt on an "on, off basis" to prevent becoming dependent
        • Do not wear any form of bracing continuously or long-term unless under medical supervision
        • All forms of support belt should be loosened when sitting and during eating
        • Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent pain

        ✔ STAY COOL AND COMFORTABLE with 4DflexiSPORT® genuinely breathable, airflow cooling unique textile technology. Combining ‘light as a feather’ powerful support, with hypoallergenic - avoiding rash -  warmth WITHOUT sweat.

        ✔ NON TOXIC and does not contain Neoprene or Latex. Fits discreetly under clothes and so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it!


        • Light all round breathable panels
        • VELCRO® Brand fastener, front closure and side tensioning
        • Easy machine wash/fast dry

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