4Dflexi - 4 Dimensional - Leading the way in breathable textile technology

Years of development has delivered a NON SWEAT skin friendly fabric, ideal for orthopaedic supports and bracing.

Polyester based, our new 4Dflexi fabric has many advantages over its conventional rival, Neoprene.

For many years clothing has been made from Polyester, so much so in fact, that our brain has learnt to ignore it. The ability to make bracing from fabric that the body sees as a second skin is invaluable, especially when bracing must be worn for extended periods during injury or through disability.

  • NON SWEAT airflow breathability - no clamminess
  • Vents moisture - avoids body odour
  • Hypoallergenic bacteria inhibiting - skin friendly - less risk of irritation
  • Thermo regulates to warm without sweat - avoids overheating - reduces inflammation - provides a better healing environment
  • Equal in strength and compression to other orthopaedic supports
  • Avoids the risk of allergic reaction that Neoprene supports can sometimes cause
  • Ultra lightweight - does not block skin sensory nerves - our stimulus for healing
  • Non-toxic - can be machined safely in the UK
  • Easy wash and fast dry

Our pioneering new lamination technique uses special rollers to bond a Velcro attractive velour to the surface of a woven knit 'spacer' - a process known as lamination.

Spacer fabrics are not new and are most commonly used in the making of bra's however, our spacer has an entirely different filament and does not collapse with compression. Even after lamination it remains stable and completely breathable.

The new fabric opens up exciting new possibilities for the orthopaedic supports industry, mainly through its ability to be worn continuously, long-term on the skin.

    We produce the fabric and use it exclusively across our range of medical and lifestyle supports. Now after only two years and fast growing sales its credentials are indisputable, customers love the new fabric and are willing to pay a little extra for the non sweat comfort it offers.

    The fabric can be purchased from us direct by contacting Angel Med on 01476 516200 or by email.


      Polyester is the name of the fibre extruded from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a widely used synthetic fibre traditionally used in clothing and bedding. Polyester does not “leach” any chemicals and is food safe and used extensively in medical applications due to its safe nature.

      Polyester is unaffected by moisture and there are no health concerns associated with polyester fibre: it is non irritant, non toxic and hypo-allergenic.

      Polyester fibres do not contain nor produce any ozone depleting substances or gases. They are also odourless and contain negligible volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). It is classified as “no more toxic than wood”. Its thermal insulation performance has been proven during expeditions to the coldest places on earth.