Leading the Way in Breathable Textile Technology

Years of development has delivered a range of NON SWEAT skin friendly fabrics, perfect then for the orthopaedic supports industry.

Our new fabric range offers many advantages over its conventional rival Neoprene. 

Through our pioneering lamination technique, we are able to adhere a hook receptive velour fabric to the surface of any thickness of stretch and non fabric, including Lycra. 


  • Hypoallergenic bacteria inhibiting - skin friendly - less risk of irritation on sensitive skin
  • Avoiding allergic reaction often experienced with rubber based fabric such as Neoprene & Latex
  • NON SWEAT airflow breathability - no clamminess
  • Warms without sweat - avoids overheating - reducing inflammation - providing a better healing environment
  • Ultra light on skin - does not block skin nerve flow - our stimulus for healing
  • Equal in strength and durability to other fabrics used in the orthopaedic industry
  • Vents moisture 
  • Non toxic - odourless
  • Easy wash and fast dry


    • Offers multiple adhesion points and easy sizing
    • Non fray edges and suitable if a hole needs to be punched into a product
    • Easy to sew
    • Suitable for modern welding techniques
    • Fabric rolls are light and easy to handle and store
    • All the strength and durability of rival fabrics but much lighter in weight
    • Suitable for adhering branding onto the surface (we offer this service)


    Our range can be purchased by contacting us on 01476 516200 or by email.