About Angel Med Ltd

Setting a gold standard in British manufacturing, delivering supreme quality together with excellent customer service.

Working alongside Harley Street surgeons and practitioners, the Stanmore hospital rehabilitation unit, private hospitals and our NHS to deliver the best of British innovation.

Combining great design with our unique super breathable, non sweat fabrics,

We manufacture in Britain using our own unique breathable fabrics. Products including the patented multi award winning 'ClaviBrace' Gilet, trialled and proven for resolving all types of collarbone fracture without surgery. Our anti-neckache arm sling - the first of its kind - plus an equestrian horse and rider range.

Our breakthrough broken collarbone 'ClaviBrace' Gilet - Championed by surgeon icon Professor Angus W Wallace - can lift the broken ends away from Brachial nerves, stop pain and elongate a shortened bone to its original length. Even non-unions at 6 months can be resolved (see Prof Wallace video below). It is also offering solutions for complex shoulder, spinal and nerve conditions, pre and post-surgery and as an alternative to. 

Stylish in its design, the gilet conceals pelvic stabilising, spinal aligning and shoulder correcting components for engagement and greater control of core muscles whilst also, eliminating any feeling of self-consciousness. Uniquely, it can release shoulder girdle spasm in minutes delivering faster healing and reducing recovery time.

All products are Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Accredited by Harley Street practitioners. International Sports Council compliant (suitable for use in sports and in competition).

Combining modern sewing and welding techniques, genuinely breathable fabrics with acknowledged medical functionality, to deliver a next generation range and a superior alternative to products made from Neoprene and Latex.


The 4DflexiSPORT® range of support products is proving popular on Amazon with many 5 star reviews.

Its use of super breathable materials delivers a welcome rash free alternative to Neoprene and Latex made supports.

The introduction of a splinter proof plastic - developed by us - is delivering more structure to our body braces and offering safe hand splinting for sports use in products such as, thumb and wrist splinting for snowboarders, skiers, goalies, horse riders, racket sport players etc.

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