About Angel Med Ltd

High quality breathable NON-SWEAT medical and lifestyle supports and delivering consistently good customer service.

Top UK surgeons, London's Harley Street Spine Plus Clinic and leading sports practitioners have helped develop our next generation supports brands 4Dflexisport® and ClaviBrace®.
East Midlands based, we manufacture all product using new highly breathable NON SWEAT, hypoallergenic textiles, pioneered, developed and exclusive to us.  
Registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

ClaviBrace® our Da Vinci medical breakthrough winner, championed by surgeon Professor Angus Wallace - proven to transform collarbone fracture healing time, ELIMINATE PAIN and can ensure best outcome without surgery - has now developed further to become a brand. With the addition of specific components, the brace system can now treat scapular dyskinesia (winging shoulder blades), scoliosis, scapula fracture, plus a range of shoulder and back conditions.

The new 4Dflexisport brand uses new highly breathable textile technology which was both pioneered and developed by us. The new NON SWEAT hypoallergenic fabrics promise a better healing environment, perfectly suited then for orthopaedic supports use. The range includes supports for the back, thumb, wrist, elbow, shoulders, lumbar area, knee and arm, with a new style armsling that doesn't cause neckache!

Our newly developed splinter proof plastic has also helped to add more structure to our body braces and is providing safe hand splinting for sports use, i.e. thumb support for skiers, goalies and racket sports etc.

We hope you find benefit from our professionally developed range and appreciate the comfort that our new breathable non-sweat fabrics offer.
 ... why choose any other brand when effectiveness and comfort is what we offer and remember our fabrics are only available to our brands.
  • Does not contain rubber - Made from a knitted Polyester (spacer fabric) and velour laminated
  • All the strength and stretch of conventional alternatives i.e. Neoprene, Latex, Elastic
  • Much lighter than Neoprene, Latex, Elastic
  • Thermo-regulates - to avoid overheating
  • Genuinely breathable
  • Expels moisture and heat away from the injured area to help reduce swelling and inflammation 
  • Hypo-allergenic, no irritation even when worn directly on delicate skin
  • Does not numb surface sensory nerves - avoids clammy chill and itchiness
  • Ideal for those who must wear bracing and support products long-term, especially in hot climates
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