Arm Sling, Shoulder Support (ONE-SIZE) TRAINER MATCH COLOURS by 4Dflexisport®

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NEW TO OUR SLING RANGE - ONE-SIZE, EASY-FIT, big enough for the largest arm reduces for youngsters from approx 10yrs. Luxuriously soft, ultra-light airflow pocket contours the arm. Reversible L or R fit. Unisex.

Use for all conditions where the arm needs support. 

We take pride in manufacturing here in the UK to the highest standards. Class 1 medical device registered with the Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant.

Developed in association with London Harley Street practitioners. 


  • Adjusts to fit a large adult and reduces to approx 10yrs (folds back at the cuff and neck-strap can be shortened)

  • The deep arm pocket delivers secure support to both arm and shoulder.

  • A fleecy thumb loop offers rest-easy hand support and keeps the sling from shifting back.

  • The entire area of the sling pocket is Velcro adhesive to deliver a perfect custom fit.

  • The soft spongy neck-strap adjusts to hold the arm at any level and shortens by unclasping an innovative Velcro® clip - on the end - trim and refit.

  • We have added a loop at the elbow for use with your own waist-belt. Particularly useful when the arm needs to be kept close to the body.

  • Uses genuine Velcro® for guaranteed grip.

  • Velcro® parts are removable to allow for easy machine wash/fast dry.

Elbow does not slip out even at higher elevation. For a higher position, we recommend placing the neck-strap slightly over at the shoulder (SEE GREEN SHIRT IMAGE).

For total comfort high-elevation, why not try adding our Anti Neckache Armband


  • For all conditions where the arm needs support.

CAUTION: when wearing any sling and where possible, exercise the hand by squeezing a ball or wash sponge.

Always seek medical advice for persistent pain and when you suspect a broken bone. CAUTION: with all slings and where it is possible to do so, exercise the hand by squeezing a ball or sponge. This helps avoid the risk of frozen shoulder.

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