Arm Sling Child DELUXE Anti-Neckache by 4Dflexisport®

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Anti-neckache arm sling - breakthrough design - eliminates neck ache and risk of nerve damage, extra deep feel-safe pocket and strap to hold the arm close to body. Plus thumb loop.


Registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). 

How does anti neckache sling work & why is it different?

Our special non-sweat fabric has made it possible to make an armband that can be worn comfortably. It attaches to the opposite (uninjured) arm and holds the neck strap away from young necks, to disperse weight safely across the shoulders. Does not contain Neoprene or Latex.

  • The sling is made from soft-stretch airflow Polyester fabric and contours the arm
  • An extra-deep sling pocket offers maximum arm and shoulder support and prevents the elbow from slipping out when higher elevation is prescribed
  • Armband and sling work together to fully support the shoulder girdle and provide  play-safe peace of mind
  • Any spasming in the neck and shoulders, as a result of the injury relaxes soon after fitting
  • Always consult your doctor when you suspect a bone is fractured.

    An adjustable reflective webbing strap clips on and folds diagonally across the arm, through a loop at the elbow and onto the armband.

    Reason for strap,
    a) holds arm securely to body and prevents it swinging outwards (limits disturbance to injury) 
    b) provides added elbow lift and supports the arm when the cuff is undone

    c) reflective and serves as a subtle alert to other children
    d) plastic non-slip slider buckle provides easy adjustment
    e) can easily be un-clipped, if preferred and removed completely
    f) helps prevent your child from pulling the sling off!

    Our NHS Ethics approved hospital study found that conventional slings caused neck ache after only 4 days of wear. Our sling eliminates that neckache and associated risks i.e. muscle spasm and possible nerve damage.


    • UNISEX
    • Fits right or left arm
    • Easy arm height adjustment
    • Spring clip fastens neck-strap to sling
    • Additional Velcro® opening at cuff
    • Genuine Velcro® provides lasting grip
    • Easy-wash / quick-dry
    • Quality manufactured in the United Kingdom

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