CHILD arm/shoulder sling DELUXE ANTI-NECKACHE (one-size 3-10yrs) ULTRA-comfort.

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Arm height adjusts to any level, thumb loop offers comfort hand-rest. Includes happy face sticker.


  • DEEP pocket, ONE-easy-SIZE left or right fit.
  • Sling pocket entirely Velcro receptive for a scalable custom fit.
  • Soft spongy neck-strap adjusts to hold the arm at preferred level; shortens by unclasping the Velcro® from the end, trim and re-clasp.
  • Genuine Velcro® guarantees lasting grip; Velcro parts remove for machine wash/fast drying.
  • Fleecy thumb loop offers rest-easy comfort for the hand.
  • Reflective waist-strap secures arm to waist and prevents painful outward movement.


Can be used for all conditions where the arm needs to be supported, even at higher elevation. Avoids weight on tender young necks especially, when the arm or hand is held in a heavy cast.

Reason for arm-band

  • Holds neck-strap away from weight sensitive nerves, that run down at either side of the neck; prevents neck pain and risk of nerve damage.
  • Keeps the sling in place.

NHS Ethics Committee approved study findings:

Our study consisted of 50 able-bodied doctors, 25 of which wore a regular arm-slings and 25 who wore our anti neck-ache version.

After only 4 days those wearing the regular slings reported neck pain and was unwearable without medication.

We believe therefore, that young necks are vulnerable and with the addition of a simple arm-band, can be protected. 

Reason for waistband 

Holds arm close to body to prevent rotation in the shoulder; especially important for collarbone fractures.

CE compliant and manufactured in Britain to the highest standards. Class1 medical device and registered with the Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

In association with London’s Harley Street surgeons and practitioners.