Arm Sling CHILD (O/S) ANTI NECKACHE with Waist Belt by 4DflexiSPORT®

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Child extra deep arm sling, anti-neckache design, preventing neck pain, muscle spasm and risk of nerve damage. Available in grey with assorted colour trims.

Light, cooling, soft-feel velour arm pocket contours the shape of the arm, delivering excellent arm/shoulder support and feel-safe comfort.

ONE EASY SIZE fits from 3 to 10yr old, reversible R/L fit, UNISEX, includes an anti neckache arm sleeve, waist belt, functional thumb loop

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  • A SPECIALLY DESIGNED ARM SLEEVE PREVENTS THE NECK ACHE OF WEARING A SLING - IMPORTANT FOR VULNERABLE  YOUNG NECKS. It works by dispersing the weight of the arm across the shoulders, preventing pressure at the side of the neck and eliminating risk of muscle spasm and nerve damage. 
    - Both sling and sleeve combine to provide safe maximum support
    - Sleeve fits right or left arm and is light, breathable and comfortable

  • AN ADJUSTABLE WEBBING WAIST BELT holds arm close to body, reducing disturbance and important for i.e. broken collarbone (clavicle fracture) and some shoulder conditions 

  • A FUNCTIONAL FLEECY THUMB LOOP adjusts for all sizes and 
    a) keeps sling in place - prevents sling sliding backwards
    b) supports the hand at the best angle for relieving pain in the arm and  shoulder 
    c) adjusts for different thumb sizes

  • SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT SIZING - a VELCRO® Brand fastener attaches anywhere on the sling, with the advantage of allowing the cuff to roll back for a shorter arm
  • A SOFT PADDED NECK STRAP adjusts via a VELCRO® Brand fastener, to hold the arm at any height. If additional length needs to be removed, simply unclasp the VELCRO® Brand fastener from end of the strap, trim off excess length and re-clasp

  • A PLASTIC SPRING CLIP at the cuff provides easy neck strap attachment and swivels round to offer a right or left arm fit

  • 40° degree wash / fast dry

  • Can be fitted single-handed and unaided (see video below)

  • Manufactured in Britain to the highest standards


      • For all conditions where the arm needs to be supported; suitable for holding arm at higher elevation without the neck strap cutting in at the sides of the neck
      • Especially suitable for youngsters in a heavy hand/arm cast and for collarbone breaks (clavicle fracture)

      • Can be used eliminate existing muscle spasm in the neck and shoulders.

      OUR NHS, ETHICS APPROVED HOSPITAL STUDY found that wearing a conventional regular arm sling caused neck ache after only four days of wear. Concentrated weight on the neck is extremely uncomfortable and can cause nerve damage and muscles to spasm, particularly when wearing a heavy arm cast.

      CE compliant Class 1 Medical Device Registered with the Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Developed in association with London Harley Street practitioners. 

      VIEW FITTING VIDEO - fitting is the same for adult and child

      Always consult your doctor when you suspect a fracture


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