Orthopaedic Gilet Brace by ClaviBrace® (PATENTED)

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New generation patented gilet-style multi-brace system. Da Vinci medical breakthrough winner treats a long list of shoulder and back conditions and delivers invaluable pain relief. Unisex.

Event Rider Tina Canton - pictured with her horse -  is wearing the new breakthrough 'Bayley Upper-armour' shoulder protector named after  - Mr Ian Bayley - the shoulder surgeon specialist who designed it. It attaches to and works with the gilet to control the arm within an active but safe range, preventing movement which could potentially damage the shoulder.

ClaviBrace® in its original form, was nominated by top surgeon Professor Angus Wallace and won a Da Vinci breakthrough award for improved patient care in the treatment of collarbone fractures. Continued work with leading surgeons and specialists from London's Harley Street Spine Plus Clinic, has expanded its use and provided ClaviBrace® with unquestionable credentials for treating a range of conditions.

WHY a gilet design?
Feedback confirms that the stigma of wearing a traditional medical brace can discourage some from seeking an alternative to surgery. This prompted fresh thinking in how to disguise its function. Through use of  lightweight, breathable, NON-SWEAT Velcro® receptive fabrics, we have been able to attach and conceal supportive elements. Does not contain Neoprene or Latex.

From the outside, a tailored gilet, on the inside a powerful brace that adheres to the principals of first stabilising hips, then spine and shoulders with peace of mind protection for Brachial nerves. 

Uniquely capable of treating a long list of serious medical and lifestyle conditions, its ability to relieve and often eliminate pain is in itself invaluable.

BASIC gilet includes,

  • Strong elastic side-pulls (non-rubber) for essential hip stability (height adjustment for long or short backs and is removable)
  • Special splinter-proof plastic stays for structured flexible spinal support
  • Shoulder retraction components for shoulder stability
  • Velcro® openings at each shoulder for easy fitting and accommodates a male or female shape


    • Broken collarbone (clavicle fracture) even worst case scenarios and where surgery is not chosen or possible and can be used as an alternative. Proven to resolve non-unions even at 12 months’ post fracture

  • Broken shoulder blade (scapula fracture)
  • Winging shoulder blade(s) and other forms of dyskinesia
    (chorea, dystonia, myoclonus, tremor, paroxysmal tardive, athetosis, ballism, akathisia, tics, stereotypy, early myoclonic encephalopathy)
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Back pain, prolapsed/herniated disc, degenerative spinal conditions
  • Spinal conditions i.e. scoliosis
  • Hip pain (pain relief prior to surgery)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stroke rehabilitation


    SPORTS TRAINING TOOL TO INFLUENCE POSTURE & IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: horse riding, skiing, snowboarding, car racing etc.


    WORN BY PROFESSIONALS AT WORK: dentists, medical therapists etc.

    RECREATIONAL USE: gardening, DIY, etc.

    BROKEN COLLARBONE USE (Clavicle fracture)

    Delivers a successful alternative to surgical plating. WHY?
    By retracting shoulders it has the ability to safely reduce a displaced fracture to encourage original length, eliminate excruciating pain and induce a better environment for earlier calcification. That all adds up to faster recovery, with little or no need for pain relieving drugs and associated constipation.

    Proven for nerve impingement - lifts the broken bone ends away from Brachial nerves and eliminates tingling in the arm to alleviate numbness in affected finger(s). Avoids risk of permanent nerve damage and removes pain.

    With results equating to those achieved through invasive procedures, it represents a credible alternative to plating and a vast improvement on the routinely dispensed collar and cuff sling and figure of eight splint. Advisory: A Canadian study revealed that the traditional 'figure of eight splint', does little or nothing to retract shoulders and causes discomfort as straps bear down on the broken bone. Using an arm sling alone also risks random outcome with possible collarbone shortening, which may cause shoulder instability.


      • Shoulder retraction with specially shaped THICK foam cushions (protects nerves and prevents straps bearing down on the broken bone)
      • Strong elastic side-pulls (height adjustment for long or short backs and is removable)
      • A special anti neck-ache arm sling with waist-strap 

      Rehabilitation Advice 

      • Ibuprofen inhibits new bone formation. For pain relief use Paracetamol
      • Keep arm (on injured side) close to the waist at all times
      • Avoid reaching backwards when dressing (causes the collarbone to rotate which disturbs calcification and prolongs union). Instead, undo gilet at shoulders.

      NOTE: Excruciating nerve pain can be eliminated however, a dull ache may persist as bruised muscles heal.



      • Shoulder retraction with specially shaped LOW profile foam cushions (protects nerves)
      • Special tubular shaped bolsters protect and prevent pressure on the broken  shoulder blade (scapula)
      • Strong elastic side-pulls (height adjustment for long or short backs and is removable)
      • Anti neck-ache arm sling with waist-strap

      Why use an anti neck-ache arm sling?

      Our NHS Ethics committee approved hospital study found that wearing a conventional sling caused neck ache after only four days. Aside from neck pain it can cause nerve damage and spasm in neck muscles. Using our sling avoids this risk and accompanying waist-strap hold elbow to waist and prevents rotation in the shoulder.



      • Shoulder retraction with specially shaped LOW profile foam cushions (protects nerves)
      • Breathable dovetail shaped pads are reinforced with plastic stays and attach to over each shoulder blade
      • Strong elastic side-pulls (height adjustment for long or short backs and is removable)



      • Shoulder retraction with specially shaped LOW profile foam cushions (protects nerves)
      • Reusable gel ice/heat pack in velour bag - attaches anywhere on gilet back
      • Strong elastic side-pulls (height adjustment for long or short backs and is removable)

        We recommend that ClaviBrace® is fitted by a trained medical professional.

        Specialist care and fitting is available at, 

        Harley Street Spine Plus Clinic 144 Harley Street, London W1G 7LD Tel: 0203 369 8747 / david@harleystreetspineclinic.com

          And also at following clinics, for appointments call us on: 01476 516200

            • The Market Cross GP Surgery, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire, NG33 4BB
            • The Clementine Churchill Hospital, Harrow, London, HA1 3RX
            • Broad Oaks Health Clinic, Solihull, Birmingham, B91 1BB  

            ClaviBrace® is not yet available through the NHS although with persistence it may be provided.

            Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant and quality made in the United Kingdom.