Arm Sling 'Traditional Basic’ Quilted/Colours X-DEEP (CHILD 3-13yr) by 4DflexiSPORT®

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XTRA DEEP soft quilted ultra light airflow sling pocket contours the arm. Easy-fit, unisex. 


  • Reversible for L or R fit
  • Integrated thumb loop
  • Spongy neck-strap adjusts for preferred arm height (excess length trims off by unclasping VELCRO® Brand fastener from end, trim and reattach (remove for machine washing)

USES : General use and where the shoulder needs extra support. Ideal when higher elevation is preferred.

CE COMPLIANT. MANUFACTURED IN BRITAIN TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS. Class1 medical device, registered with the Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA). In association with London's Harley Street surgeons and practitioners.