DELUXE Thumb Splint Wrist Brace - BRAND NEW FROM 4Dflexisport.

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Uses PLASTIC SAFETY SPLINT (not metal), safeguards against wrist & base of thumb over-extension. UNISEX. REVERSIBLE fits left or right. 


UNIQUE NEW HIGHLY BREATHABLE NON-SWEAT, NO RASH FABRIC TECHNOLOGY (exclusive to 4Dflexisport). Light, fabulously comfortable hypoallergenic and does not dull skin sensation in the way that Neoprene can. Non-Neoprene, Latex-free.

PROTECTS & STRENGTHENS, holds wrist & thumb in perfect alignment.

  • Dramatically reduces repetitive strain pain i.e. Carpal Tunnel. Alleviates arthritic wrist & thumb pain (osteoarthritis), de quervains tenosynovitis, dupuytren's contracture, tendonitis, ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb, skier's thumb, sprained, staved thumb.
  • Ideal for snowboarding, skiing, golfing, tennis, horse riding, angling, cycling, using a mouse, gardening & driving.
  • Strengthens grip & safe for use during high impact racket sports, FC goalies.
  • Strong, high tensile plastic splint (developed and exclusive to 4Dflexisport) provides gentle flexion and avoids the ache of a fixed metal splint.
  • Improves thumb to finger grip and importantly, allows tip of thumb movement.

Quality British made. Registered Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Class1 Medical Device.


Soft bound edges, multi-adjustable Velcro® tension control at wrist and thumb. Plastic thumb stay is x-ray/airport friendly & no need to remove for laundering. Easy machine wash and fast dry (launder in net bag to prevent Velcro damaging other garments).

Legal Disclaimer:

This product is designed to prevent over-extension and reduce risk of injury to the wrist and thumb. It is not designed as body armour or prevent injury due to impact to that area.