Lumbar Support Belt by 4Dflexisport

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Lumbar Support Belt - no rigid stays - pain relief and flexible support without dependency. Exclusive NON SWEAT, no rash comfort. Unisex.

Developed in association with London's Harley Street Spine Plus Clinic. Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant and quality made in the United Kingdom. 

New ultra-light, highly breathable non-sweat fabric technology - unique to the brand. Packs easily into a suitcase or gym kit.
Does not contain Neoprene or Latex 


  • To prevent back pain when the back is placed under unaccustomed strain and during repetitive bending i.e. lifestyle activities such as gardening, driving and sports 
  • To reduce unwanted twisting of the spine
  • To ease backache during periods of inactivity i.e illness, injury
  • Provides support with enough flexion to be worn daily for arthritis, sciatica etc 
  • When standing for long periods
  • Wear prior to running, cycling, racket sports etc., to warm muscles and prevent spasm
  • Safety during sports when metal stays may be unsafe i.e. running, cycling, rowing, racket sports etc

How often and for how long should a support belt be worn?
The more back pain you have, the more frequently you will want to use support. This lumbar support provides excellent support without rigid stays and can therefore be worn for longer periods with less risk of dependency.


  • Loosen all types of support belts when sitting and during eating
  • Do not wear any form of bracing continuously long-term without medical approval
  • Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent pain

HOW 4Dflexisport Lumbar Belt Works

  • Delivers effective flexible support WITHOUT RIGID STAYS or the feeling of being trussed-up
  • Gently warms muscles without sweat
NOTE: Not designed for use as a weight lifters belt

  • Broad-fitting wraparound belt with Velcro® front closure
  • Genuine lasting grip Velcro® 
  • Dual side-closure tension control 
  • 4-colour combinations – black-on-black, lime green, royal blue & raspberry
  • Ultra-light, easy-wash, quick-dry

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