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Rider aid - used by event rider Tina Canton. Stabilises the pelvis, aligns spine, lifts diaphragm and strengthens shoulders – delivering core strength and lighter hand to horse contact. Easy to use. UNISEX.

Although based on the ClaviBrace orthopaedic gilet, this version sports a more casual stretch cotton twill on the chest area, and has a runner motif woven into the side-pulls instead of a leaf design. 

Event Rider Tina Canton - pictured with her horse -  is wearing the new breakthrough 'Bayley Upper-armour' shoulder protector named after  - Mr Ian Bayley - the shoulder surgeon specialist who designed it. It attaches to and works with the gilet to control the arm within an active but safe range, preventing movement which could potentially damage the shoulder.

What is a gilet brace?

An everyday looking gilet with components cleverly concealed within.

  • Designed as a close contact garment with 2-way heavy-duty zip closure.

  • Made from light high-tech breathable fabrics.

  • Fits neatly under a show/dressage jacket.

  • Strong - rubber-free -  broad elasticated side-pulls that Velcro-fix forward and work to stabilise the pelvis (detachable for height adjustment). 

  • Opens at shoulders - if needed - for those with shoulder issues (avoids reaching arms back into arm-holes).

  • Shaped high density foam cushions at each shoulder, protect nerves and adjust for best position to place shoulders in line with the hips.

  • Shoulder straps - within the gilet -  adjust to hold the shoulders in the desired position.

  • Four high-tensile plastic stays are sewn into the back and prevent unwanted over-twisting of the spine (no need to remove for washing). 

  • An internal rubber-free elasticated belt prevents the gilet from riding up.

  • Two zipper pockets  - on front panels - are deep enough for a large iPhone 7 and also double-up as a fake arm-sling / arm-rest.

  • Instills better posture and helps remodel muscle memory to break those bad habits. Evidence suggests the brain takes as little as 10 minutes to relax muscles and adopt new posture (varies according to age, gender and fitness). 

  • Assists core strength for a stronger rider position, especially when riding with a long leg and over fences.

  • Encourages better balance in the saddle which, may help reduce back problems in both rider and horse.

  • Uses our unique high-tensile plastic stays, permitted for competitions


      • Helps avoid unwanted over-twisting of the spine.
        - Ideal for mucking out and lifting the lorry ramp.
      • May help prevent the onset of sciatica and known to alleviate sciatic nerve pain.


      • Made from revolutionary high-tech light breathable fabics
                                 - Vents moisture and warms without sweat
                                 - Thermo regulates to avoid overheating
                                 - Does not contain Neoprene or Latex 
      • Machine washable at 40C (Remove all Velcro parts to avoid damage to other garments)
      • Adjustable retraction straps at each shoulder 
      • Heavy-duty chunky zip
      • Elastic side-pulls
      • Internal elasticated belt
      • Genuine Velcro® for long lasting grip
      • Easy-to-fit
      • CE compliant
      • Quality manufactured by us in the United Kingdom
      • Patent protected and trademarked
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