Shoulder Arm Sling EXTRA-DEEP Standard Design by 4Dflexisport

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This versatile sling is easy to fit without help and can be used for all conditions where the arm needs to be supported.

Soft-stretch airflow pouch contours the arm and offers feel-safe cooling comfort. Reversible left or right fit, height adjustable. Unisex.

Does not include,

  • Waist-strap - prevents arm swinging outward from body
  • An anti-neckache arm cuff

  • Extra-deep pouch delivers secure support to both arm and shoulder.
  • A fleecy thumb loop provides rest-easy hand support and helps keep the sling in place.
  • A soft spongy neck-strap adjusts to hold the arm at any level.
  • Uses genuine Velcro® for guaranteed grip.
    - Velcro® parts are removable to allow for safe easy machine wash/fast drying.

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