Tennis Elbow (TWIN PK) Epicondylitis, Golfers Elbow by 4Dflexisport

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Tennis Elbow (TWIN PK) Professionally led design; worn at Wimbledon. Restores arm strength, alleviates pain. Unisex, interchangeable left or right, one-size easy fit. 


Developed in association with healthcare practitioners and London's Harley Street Medical Centre. NHS Approved Class1 Medical device. Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant.


  • A raised oval shaped cushion delivers firm, constant support - where the Common Extensor Tendon attaches to the Lateral Epicondyle - to restore arm strength
  • Flexes with active muscles for non-slip confidence
  • Thermo-regulates to avoid over-heating and avoid inflammation

    Made from new highly breathable, NON SWEAT, no rash, hypoallergenic textiles. Does not irritate skin or numb surface nerves and can be worn safely on the most delicate skin. Pioneered, developed and exclusive to us. 
    Does not contain Neoprene or Latex. 


    • *Epicondylitis / Tendonitis and more commonly referred to as, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, Shooter's Elbow or Archer's Elbow - triggered by repetitive or overuse of the arm
    • Treat existing pain and to avoid flare-up's 


      • Adjustable ONE-SIZE guaranteed to fit all
      • Interchangeable RIGHT or LEFT
      • Unisex
      • Fully adjustable tension control
      • Lightweight and discreet 
      • Genuine Velcro® low profile hook guarantees strong lasting grip and prevents scratching
      • Easy machine washable / fast-dry
      • Available in black, lime, raspberry and blue
      Quality manufactured in the United Kingdom

      Always consult your doctor for prolonged pain or swelling

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