Lumbar Support Belt with Therapeutic Ice/heat by 4DflexiSPORT®

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Lumbar belt with ice/heat therapy. Moderate support without stays - longer wear with less risk of dependency. Unisex.

In association with London Harley Street Spine Plus Clinic. Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Class 1 Medical Device. CE compliant. Quality British made.

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  • Providing effective flexible support without stays - avoiding the feeling of being trussed up
  • Includes hot/cold reusable gel pack
  • Pouch at back of belt holds ice/heat pack, also ideal for holding your water bottle, mobile etc
  • Soft quilted sausage shaped cushion - Can be added to pocket at back of belt to create additional lumbar support and/or placed behind gel pack to intensify heat or cool effect
  • Dual airflow hip pulls offer custom tension control
  • Low profile, fits discreetly under or over clothing
  • 4 colour choice

Unique NON-SWEAT textile technology - Does not contain Neoprene or Latex - exclusive to us, 

  • All the stretch and strength of conventional fabrics used in the supports industry.
  • Thermo regulates to avoid overheating.


Pain can be acute - sudden strong onset OR chronic - intermittent backache over a long period of time. Using a lumbar belt can help you get through those painful periods.

  • Helps control unwanted over twisting of the spine.
  • Wear during periods of acute back pain to soothe and calm aching muscles.
  • During repetitive bending, twisting or being placed under unaccustomed strain i.e. gardening.
  • To ease backache as a result of lifestyle activities, injury, arthritis, sciatica.
  • For support when sitting or standing for long periods.
  • Wear during horse riding, running, cycling, racket sports etc to prevent muscle spasm.
  • Can be used as part of a controlled weight loss program to PREVENT INJURY i.e. when exercising.
NOTE: MEASURE AT THE HIP (see diagram). Not suitable for treating lordosis (over-arching of the lower back).

How often and for how long should a back support be worn?
The more back pain you have, the more frequently you will want to use support. Using this belt reduces the risk of becoming dependant.


  • * Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent pain.
  • * Loosen all forms of support when sitting and during meals
  • Always seek medical advice for severe or persistent pain

    • Broad fitting with VELCRO® Brand fastener
    • Hip pulls offer custom tension control - strong or light as preferred and offer convenient loosening for sitting and during eating
    • Reusable Ice/heat pack
    • Sausage shaped cushion - use to intensify heat or cool pack. Also supports lumbar area when sitting
    • Easy wash and quick dry
    • Packs easily into a suitcase or gym kit
    • Four colour choice


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