wrist support strap

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NHS APPROVED, referred by GP's and recommended by surgeons. UNISEX. 

Developed in association with healthcare practitioners and London's Harley Street Medical Centre. NHS Approved Class1 Medical device. Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliant.

  • Immobilises thumb joint to reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  • Prevents painful thumb joint over-extension
  • Aligns the thumb joint and carpal tunnel in a neutral position to alleviate pain
  • Adds strength and encourages stronger thumb to finger grip 
  • Allows full finger movement
  • Malleable aluminium spica splint can be shaped to suit the wearer's condition

Made from new highly breathable, NON SWEAT, no rash, hypoallergenic textiles. Does not irritate skin or numb surface nerves and can be worn safely on the most delicate skin -  Pioneered, developed and exclusive to us.
Does not contain Neoprene or Latex 


    • Post surgery, to immobilise the thumb
    • Following injury to hold the thumb in a specific position (aluminium splint can be shaped to suit)
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome - where the wrist and thumb joints are sore and swollen through repititve strain
    • Alleviates the pain of arthritis/osteoarthritis
    • Sprain
    • To strengthen thumb for improved grip, i.e. daily activities, computer use, lifting, driving, golf, tennis, gardening, etc
    • De Quervain syndrome - also known as BlackBerry thumb, texting thumb, gamer's thumb, washerwoman's sprain, radial styloid tenosynovitis, de Quervain disease, de Quervain's tenosynovitis, de Quervain's stenosing tenosynovitis, mother's wrist, or mommy thumb), is a tenosynovitis of the sheath or tunnel that surrounds two tendons that control movement of the thumb
    • Tendonitis means inflammation of a tendon. Tendinopathy is a more general term than tendonitis and tendinosis and just means tendon injury, without specifying the type of injury. Tenosynovitis means inflammation of the sheath that surrounds a tendon (The sheath is called the synovium)



  • Multi-adjustable, ONE-SIZE guaranteed to fit all
  • Reversible RIGHT or LEFT fit
  • Unisex
  • Lightweight and discreet 
  • Strong super-light aluminium stay - malleable and can be shaped to suit condition - is held securely within support 
  • Genuine Velcro® low profile hook guarantees strong lasting grip, prevents scratching and avoids cuff damage
  • Easy-wash
      Quality manufactured in the United Kingdom

      Always consult your doctor for prolonged pain or swelling

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