Wrist Brace TWIN PK (Includes both LEFT & RIGHT)

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Wrist Brace NON-SWEAT with rigid support bar and comfort cushioned palm. Fully immobilises wrist for effective support and comfort. Developed by Sports doctor. Use following surgery and for repetitive strain pain.

Pack includes ONE left and ONE right hand brace.

Designed by General practitioner/Sports doctor for an improvement on NHS design. 

Registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). CE compliance marked

Uses unique NON-SWEAT textile technology which the brain accepts like clothing and unlike Neoprene does not irritate or interfere with skin surface nerves. 


About new textiles,

  • All the stretch and strength of conventional fabrics used in the supports industry
  • Moisture venting airflow warmth provides an ideal healing environment
  • Thermo regulates - avoids overheating

How this wrist brace works,

  • Uses a long aluminium bar to fully support the wrist and hand 
  • Soft padding prevents the metal bar from digging into the palm of the hand
  • Airflow warmth - without sweat - provides an ideal healing environment 
  • Can be worn comfortably on skin without rash
  • Due to the entire surface area being Velcro® attractive, this support offers convenient ONE SIZE multi-adjustable fit and is suitable for large and small wrist/hand sizes, including children from approx 12yrs old.
  • Allows full finger movement and complete wrist immobility

Use for all medical conditions where the wrist requires to be completely immobilised i.e. post surgery, arthritis relief, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & repetitive strain conditions.


    • Unisex
    • Soft bound edges
    • Strong Velcro® closures guarantee strong lasting fixings

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