Wrist Support Strap by 4Dflexisport (SINGLE)

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Simple and effective protection against wrist sprains and strains. NON SWEAT wrist strength and comfort.

Uses light, breathable, hypoallergenic, NON-SWEAT textile technology and combines with soft bound edges to make this support fabulously comfortable. Does not dull surface skin sensation in the way that supports made from Neoprene can and so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it. 

    How our wrist strap works
    • Limits repetitive strain and extremes of movement
    • Plastic loop reinforces the lower or upper wrist area according to preference (does not pinch)
    • Does not completely immobilise wrist
    • Use to strengthen wrists weakened by repetitive strain as a result of leisure and workplace activities
    • Osteoarthritis 
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Arthritis in the wrist
    • Flexor and Extensor Tendonitis
    • Tenosynovitis
    • Wrist sprains & strains
    • General wear and tear
    • Inflammation caused by daily activities i.e.Typing, housework, ironing, gardening, DIY etc
    Use for sporting and recreation activities such as:
    - Golf
    - All types of racket sports
    - Equestrian Activities
    - Rowing
    - Fishing
    - Skiing
    - Snowboarding
      • Unisex
      • Universal interchangeable, fits right or left wrist 
      • One-size fits the largest or smallest wrist
      • Adjustable tension provides controlled support
      • Low profile Velcro closure does not scratch skin or snag cuffs
      • Genuine Velcro offers trusted long lasting grip
      • Machine washable and fast-dry
      • Quality made in Great Britain

      Registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

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